Mary Beth Freet-Scholastic

Mariza Hulet - Sunday, March 13, 2016

Check out this sweet diary and stationary set designed by Mary Beth Freet for Scholastic. The beautiful design and quality are sure to inspire many little writers to express themselves! 

Scholastic-A Present!

Mariza Hulet - Friday, February 19, 2016

We’re excited to share another cute and festive Scholastic stationary set, designed by Mary Beth Freet. Such an adorable little present! We just LOVE working with Scholastic!

Mary Beth & Scholastic

Mariza Hulet - Friday, February 19, 2016

Aww, how sweet is this stationary set by Mary Beth Freet for Scholastic? I know you’re smiling!:) Congrats Mary Beth, and a BIG thank you to Scholastic for creating this adorable set!

Adorable Stationery Set for Scholastic!

Wendi - Pink Light Studio - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This adorable stationery set designed by Pink Light for Scholastic will make you smile! This set comes with 24 stationery sheets, 15 envelopes, an iconic sticker sheet, a mini notepad, feather pen and 2 cute erasers.  A big thank you goes out to Scholastic...  We love working with you!   


 Stationery Set designed by Pink Light for Scholastic

open a world of possible with scholastic!

Wendi - Pink Light Studio - Friday, September 12, 2014

At Pink Light, we are proud our connection with one of the greatest companies on the planet for promoting children's learning and development.  We love designing for Scholastic and feel blessed that we have the opportunity to work with such an amazing company. 


Please take a look at the new initiative "Open a World of Possible" by Scholastic to help children become lifelong independent readers.  Be sure to check out the live webcast with Usher and the thought provoking video.We love Scholastic!!



At Scholastic, we know how much time and effort you spend leading your children to pathways of success—success that is furthered by the knowledge and pleasure that reading can bring. And that is why we are excited to introduce:


With Open a World of Possible, we will champion the combined power of choice of books, time to read and access to great books. In this way, we can all work together to make reading pleasurable, joyful and purposeful for children. 

See how reading makes everything possible:

  We're partnering with global entertainment icon Usher, an advocate for youth education, for a live webcast that will inspire children to share the joy of reading and learn how they can help open a world of possible through reading.


to view the webcast with your children on
Thursday, November 6th, 1:00pm ET/10:00am PT 
Recommended for grades 3+

  • Find tips for reading with children of every age, plus resources to help you discover how you can Open a World of Possible.
  • Watch a series of videos to hear how other busy parents are making reading fun at home.
  • Download the FREE Open a World of Possible eBook, a collection of real stories from some of America's leading literacy experts and authors that celebrates the joy and power of reading.
  We're inviting parents and teachers to join the conversation: Share your ideas and advice for simple ways to incorporate more reading into busy family lives and tell us how you celebrate the joy of reading! Join us on social media using the hashtag#SharePossible.

  To learn more,  

Simply "Sweet" Stationery Box set for Scholastic Books

Wendi - Pink Light Studio - Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Check out Pink Light Design's adorable "Sweet!" stationery set for Scholastic!  School is about to start and what better way to motivate your child to be creative and have fun!  Filled with candy erasers, bright colors, and adorable stationery, these boxes are super "sweet!" Big thanks to Scholastic for creating this box full of goodies for kids of all ages!




pink light designs - for scholastic

"Butterfly" Stationary Box Set

- Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Check out Mary Beth Freet's "Butterfly" collection, licensed by Scholastic.  How adorable are these stationary boxes?  Filled with an endless amount of creative butterfly fun for all sorts of children!  This set comes complete with a wide range of sticker, butterfly eraser, stamp, markers, and so much more!  Go pick one up at your local Scholastic book fair!!!  Congratulations to Mary Beth, and a BIG thank you to Scholastic!!!

It's My Year Passbook, Licensed by Scholastic

- Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Awesome job Pink Light!!  The newest "It's My Year Passbook" licensed by Scholastic.  Every little girl needs a creative outlet, and this is just the book for them.  Pink Light works extremely hard to fill these books with fun designs, cool games, and TON'S of creativity to share with young girls.  Give a gift that every girl will love.  You can pick one up at your local Scholastic book fair.  Thank you Scholastic!

"Life is Sweet" Stationery Box Set

- Friday, September 27, 2013

Check out Pink Light Designs adorable "Life is Sweet" stationery box set for Scholastic!  The school year has begun, and what better way to motivate your child to be creative and have fun!  Filled with cute cupcakes, bold colors, and tons of positivity, these stationery boxes are perfect for any child. You can go pick them up at your local Scholastic book fair. Thank you Scholastic!!

"It's My Year Passbook" by Pink Light Design

Mary Beth Freet - Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We are VERY excited about these wonderful "It's My Year Passbook's" by Pink Light Design for Scholastic.  Pink Light Design works extremely hard to create these fun and inventive books, so young girls can express themselves and show their very own creativity.  Go down to your local Scholastic Fair or visit Scholastic online and pick one up for your daughter or friend!!  Thank you Scholastic!

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